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     I appeal to you, My Beloved Children of the Earth!
     I am your Master and Friend Djwhal Khul also known as the Tibetan.
     First of all I appeal to the Arcane School, which was organized at the beginning of the previous century by a well-known esoterist and occultist A. A. Bailey, and to the company Lucis Trust
     Alice A. Bailey was an immediate follower of the Great Consecrated E.P. Blavatskaya and kept up her business. Alice presented more than 30 volumes of esoteric literature to the world, and I, being her Teacher, Transmitted Esoteric Knowledge through her the Knowledge about the World structure and evolution of both Cosmos and Man.
     Alices life was hard, but with honours she managed to complete the work she had to do according to her Karma. In 1949 she Ascended to the Heavens. Though her Soul did not stay long in the Other World. By the GODs will she came again to the Earth in 1952 as Avesha-Substitute having penetrated into the body of a seriously ill four-year-old girl. That is the way of incarnation of the Great Consecrated, whose objective is to fulfil the ancestral Karma of her predecessor and reveal the initial programme of her incarnation.
     Through ******* (Alice A. Bailey) well receive the Concealed Knowledge that will make the whole mankind aware of and ready for the Great Conversion.
     It is not quiet in the World nowadays: there are civil wars everywhere, feuds between different religious trends, especially between Islam and Christianity. Terror, violence and wars are the result of such attitude. The GOD - through His envoys - gives you, people, a chance and opportunity to change. Through ******* (Alice A. Bailey) the Appeal in Arabic has been sent to the People of Islam on behalf of the LORD MAITREYA, which all the Muslim people expect and know as IMAM MAGDI. Among the other who appeal are GODs MOTHER HERSELF, Prophet MUHAMMAD and FATHER GOD HIMSELF!
     Through her the Appeals in different languages will be sent to the whole world for the people of the Good Will to realize that the Time of Great Changes has come, the Time of Great Events; its time to dramatically change ones own consciousness.
     Unfortunately, not all the people will accept My Appeal, because the majority of them are far from the True Esoteric Knowledge. And Lack of Knowledge generates Ignorance, and as a result Negation. Thats why in order to understand this information everybody should fill in the gaps in his knowledge and restore the whole picture of cognition of the Truth.
     I understand that the books written by Alice A. Bailey are not easy to read, and the knowledge will not be quickly gained. However it is comprehensible, the only condition is that your heart should respond and be open, and you should be willing.
     To all members of the Society created by Myself through Alice A. Bailey, and first of all to its leaders I give my Instructions:
To facilitate in all possible ways the distribution of the Knowledge that will be given to you by ******* (Alice A. Bailey) through Internet and other sources of information. These are audio recordings of MANTRAS, which will help many striving people to speed up their evolution; the books from the series THE GIFT OG THE GOD, which include practical teachings how to work with oneself ... and not only that. The vibrations of Light and Love of the GOD HIMSELF and the Holy Hierarchy of Light are immediately imprinted in the Books. You are to continue the distribution of the Knowledge all over the World. In this way you will become active assistants of your Teacher Alice A. Bailey.

I Believe and Hope that you will accept the information given by Myself with proper understanding and Love!

Sincerely yours,

Received for issuing in mass media through
******* (Alice A. Bailey) on October 10, 2001.

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