Appeal of the Ascended-Master DJWHAL KHUL to all Envoys of good Will.

The appeal of the secretary *******
(Alice A. Bailey).

Appeal of the Ascended-Masters to their following.

The GODS Transform

The Lord Heavenly Father
Stanzas of the great invocation
(Atlanta language)

Sanat Kumaras hymn
About necessity of creating of the new working groups.

Technique of the linking to the Hierarchy of Light.

Practical techniques for the accelerated development of the energy system of the person.

Yantras, practical work

The Gods Cookery

The Gods cosmetology

A part dedicated to interpersonal attitudes

Appeals, articles, extracts, correspondence, poems

The ritual implements honours 144 thousands

The forms of collaboration

The guest book




The Invocation to People!

This page is supported by the experimental group created by God through **** (Alice A. Bailey) in order to pass the teaching about timeless wisdom for preparation of mankind to the X-hour.

N e w s,    N o t i c e,   S e n s a t i o n,   D i s c o v e r y.

  28.11.2001- The part Yantramas, practical work is added  >>
  28.11.2001- The creation of the miracle apparatus granted by God is finishing. >>

 Only now our group has a chance to develop our site. And we ask you not to judge us harshly.
The events chronology, as well as events themselves will be gradually reconstruct...
  20.10.2001- It is hard to say that the beginning of the work is site, but a good beginning is half he battle.
2.10.2001 - The appeal to the acolytes of the good will are sent out >>
2.10.2001 - The appeal to Islam people are sent out.
   23.10.2001 - The first opinions are received.
   The unique apparatus for waking and rising the Kundalini energy.
   28.10.2001 -  The work on the unique therapeutic medication is run thanks to the God's contact.
   28.10.2001 - Work on the first sound albums that are called Mantramas for occult and mystic meditations.
 28.10.2001-  The first album The work with three- petalous fire..
                        The second album The work with monads lingam.
  28.10.2001- The typing of the texts from the book The gift of Gods is ended.


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